The First UPC Chrome Extension

With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Resellers in Mind.

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Retailer Specific UPC Targeting

Each retailer that is activated in UPC Finder has a tailored made solution to precisely pin-point the product's UPC. If a retailer's product page contains variations that are accessible, those UPC's are displayed as well.

Sourcing Options

Search Major Sourcing Channels

Each UPC Link not only comes with the ability to copy UPC to your clipboard, but also allows you to search major sourcing channels such as Amazon, ebay and Brickseek. Automatically enabling the search for these sourcing channels saves you valuable time while researching product to resell.

User Copy History Tracked

There are so many times when working on a project that you may need to go back quickly and find a UPC that you had just copied a few pages ago. My UPC Finder will keep track of the last 15 UPC's that were copied to the user's clipboard. The history is saved within the Google Chrome Database so that anywhere you log in with your Google account, you will be able to see this history on the history view.

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Options to Customize Your Experience

My UPC Finder provides options to customize the user experience. Choose between multiple theme colors and show or hide different buttons that allow you to search the UPC on multiple platforms.

Navigate to the Product's Web Page

My UPC Finder allows you from the history view, to click on the retailer's logo or upc number to take you back to that product's web page.

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Integrate Your Keepa Data

My UPC Finder allows you to integrate your Keepa data with the UPC's you find on a retailer's website. Once you have found a UPC, simply click on the Keepa icon and if the data exists for that product, a new Keepa view will appear with graphs and other data regarding that product so that you don't have to navigate multiple websites at the same time to get all of the data you are looking for.