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This support page contains helpful information and links to the most frequently asked questions about My UPC Finder. Also included in this page are helpful tutorial videos which can help guide you through the product.

Tutorial Videos

#1 Basic Navigation & Use

#2 Home & History Navigation

#3 Options & Available Retailers Views

#4 Kohl's Discount Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Please look through this list for the answer to your question first and if you can't find it here, feel free to email us at

My UPC Finder is a first of its kind Google Chrome Extension that allows resellers from across all ecommerce sites to be able to rapidly research products online by minimizing the time it takes to look up a product's UPC. My UPC Finder will even find the UPC's of the variations of a product if the retailer has made those available.
  1. Make sure you are logged into Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Visit the Google Chrome Store link below.

  3. Click "Add to Chrome" button in the Web Store.
  4. Click "Install Extension" from the dialogue box that pops up.
  5. The Extension will install in your toolbar on the right hand side.

    Extension Installed in Toolbar
No, My UPC Finder keeps the user in mind and currently does not track user's personal information. We do use Google Analytics to track activities associated with the user to ensure that we are giving every user the best experience possible. These tracking events tell us where on the extension you are clicking the most to see if there are improvements that can be made to the flow to make it even faster for you to research the products you are looking for.
Yes. In order to continue to make improvements to the product in the future, there is a small monthly subsciption fee of $5.49 USD per month. There is a 7 day free trial to help the user determine if the product is right for them, but after that 7 day period, there is a small monthly fee.
Yes. All cancellations of the subscription are subject to Google's Extension cancellation policy. Click Here to view Google's cancellation policy.
We currently have 21 retailers loaded into My UPC Finder's configuration. We will continue to add more retailers as we get input from subscribers and find more ourselves. There are some retailers that prevent us from identifying a manufacturer UPC's on their web pages.
As often as needed. Currently I am a single developer with a full time job so I do all updates in my spare time. With help from users like you, I will consider any suggestions for improvements as well as retailers to make the product even better for you in the future. If you would like to contribute to providing input, please consider joining our closed Facebook Group at the following web address:
There are currently 4 icons at the bottom of My UPC Finder when you click on the icon from your Google Chrome browser toolbar:
Home Icon

Home Icon

The home icon is exactly what you think it is. It brings you back to the main view of the Chrome extension. If you are on any other view, it will bring you back to the UPC look up and display and UPC's it can find on the page.

History Icon

History Icon

Pretty self explanatory. The history icon moves you to the history view which shows the last 15 copied UPC's, which store they belong to, a quick link to the product page you copied it from and a copy button in case you need to copy it to clipboard again.

Options Icon

Options Icon

The options icon will actually take you to a custom Google Chrome Extension options screen. Here you can update your preferences and save it and they will be available instantly to you on the next time you open the extension.

Retailers Icon

Retailers Icon

This link will take you to a current list of all of the retailers that My UPC Finder currently works on. Each retailer logo and name are clickable links to the retailer's website.